October 28, 2009

TechnoServe joins Rework to advance youth 'green' entrepreneurship

TechnoServe--the leading organisation providing business solutions to poverty--has joined Rework to create synergies between the initiative and its work on the ground.

TechnoServe is a recognized leader and innovator of business solutions to poverty. Through 40 years of work it has empowered the success of entrepreneurial men and women who − with the right business model, skills, network, financial services and access to markets – can build sustainable businesses that generate income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their countries.

In 2008, TechnoServe assisted businesses generated $149 million in revenues, and bought $64 million from almost 200,000 low income suppliers. TechnoServe has been supporting entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Kenya and East Africa for decades. It has a successful business plan competition model for identifying and nurturing high potential entrepreneurs, provision of aftercare to launch their businesses and building local business service provider capacity to build the ecosystems required to support their scalability.

The skills and assets that TechnoServe brings to Rework the World include:
  • Dedicated support infrastructure on the ground and a network of leading private and public sector partners dedicated to Kenyan enterprise development
  • Proven results in design and implementation of East African youth entrepreneurship and enterprise programs, including young women-focused programs
  • An integrated approach to small and medium enterprise development, built around a plan competitions, with a strong focus on follow practical entrepreneurship training
  • Strengthening local Business Development Services (BDS) providers to sustain and scale small enterprise growth.

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