October 29, 2009

"Rework" The Practical Solution to Youth Unemployment and Poverty alleviation

The Rework Process is very critical in focusing the world to start tasking and stop talking. YES Kenya seeks to create over 2000 Solar Entrepreneurship Opportunities. The Problem of unemployment continues to bedevil our continent. If this project pulls through, it promises to be the next anchor for a revolution to create green jobs for many Youth in Africa. Created on the premise of extinguishing 1 million kerosene lamps in rural Africa, the project is ambitious and at the same time realistic to the challenges that Africa faces today.

The Rework process will be the benchmark to create the partnerships that will see different players to focus on how young people can engage constructively on creating opportunities at community level. We look forward to partnerships that will see and follow up to get involved in this project.

Renewable energy will be part of this process as well on how young people can create eco charcoal and save the nvironement.

Emmanuel Dennis


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  2. Our Solar Project has picked up so well. You can see some of the photos on the facebook page