May 26, 2010

Building the Green Teams Movement at Rework the World

As we close in on the days to the Rework the World Summit, I would like to share a little about the Green Teams Vision that we are building.
But before that, It is intriguing and exciting to know that we have over 120 Nationalities of over 1500 delegates confirmed, half of which are under 35, and over 40 percent are women. This year, several hundreds are young entrepreneurs who are bringing their projects for us all to discuss. Their voices – and those of other young participants – add knowledge, perspectives, spirit and understanding of issues that is missing in the usual conference envwe will be introducing at the Summit. I am hoping that all of you can have a buy in so that we can co-create this together in your respective countries.
The World is facing a serious global Challenge that needs to be addressed urgently. There has been missing Links between solutions to the Global Problems and Realities to the Populations that are affected most. This is what the Green Teams Movement for Africa seeks to address. By investing in value chains that will address our youth unemployment situation in Africa, we will not only;
  1. Better the Livelihoods to the suffering communities
  2. Create Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment to the massive population
  3. Create High Dividends for Investors in form of Funds from the business solutions model in the vision
The Green Teams Movement will simply initiate Local Business Solutions to resolving Global Ecological Problems. As you prepare to come to the Summit. I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you and invite you to join me as we roll out the new vision for buy in and ownership at local level and address various challenges that youth face together.
If all young people could come together and change the world? I have a strong conviction the Green Teams Vision is part of the Reworking the various dynamics that come with the complexities of addressing the systemic problem that has continually affected humanity. We all know the problems, we have had attempts to resolving the problems but the problems have not been resolved yet. This is our (youth) chance to give a stab at the problem using local solutions that will create opportunities for the youth through real empowerment building local communities. See you at the summit during the plenary session on Friday 4th June 2010 at 10.00Am at the Arena.
Meanwhile joing the forces here:!/group.php?gid=124947050868208&ref=ts

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